LUX Realty

LUX Realty is a Singaporean Real Estate Team

Project Year: 2020

Project Overview

A team of real estate agents from Singapore decided to join forces.

I was hired to create a brand identity along with some flyer templates.

Flyer Template


Bringing together some of the industry’s highest achievers, Lux Realty forms an integrated team specially tailored for luxury real estate.

A dynamic lineup of prime district experts, each agent brings to the table an extensive and elite clientele network. Together, they boast a robust combined market expertise and industry proficiency.

With a commanding track record of fulfilled clients, you can trust Lux Realty to deliver only the noblest of service.

They are home connoisseurs, who go beyond the living space. Market analysts, who go beyond the investments.
Dealers, who go beyond the transaction.
A team, that goes beyond success.

This is the Ultimate Luxury Landed Team.