Preserving through Progress


Ever since I started taking on contracts, I’ve been working with businesses and organisations that conserve tradition and promote values that I believe in.

I started out as a freelance video producer, creating stories through a cinematic medium, later expanding my services to include web design, photography, digital marketing, and branding.

My approach has evolved with the use of Design Thinking and Design Sprints, using these to help businesses adopt the same customer-centric approach that allows Silicon Valley startups to make rapid progress and create experiences that customers love.

Customer-Centric Solutions

A customer-centric approach is the secret to the rapid growth of startups like Spotify, Netflix, & AirBnB. We help businesses implement the same strategies needed to rise up against the tide in a volatile market environment.

Creative Solutions & Design

Servicing all of your branding and marketing needs, from Logos to Websites. 

Design Sprint Workshops

Feel like your business is being left behind by the ever-evolving market? Need a new approach? Try a workshop that uses the same methods that Silicon Valley Startups use to generate and verify new business solutions!

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